13 Jun 2007


The Prime Minister was just on TV. I've been sitting on the couch, trying to work. Kept the TV on for company - some daytime soap, I wasn't paying attention. But they cut into it. Usual bunch of reporters and cameramen crowding around her in a parliament hallway. She didn't say much. Obviously there were a million questions being fired at her. She had to raise her voice, really yell, to be heard. Basically yes, there is an outbreak of something in the States and Europe, probably something like a bird flu. The usual stuff - don't travel overseas unless it's essential, whatever. She kept repeating 'New Zealand is safe, New Zealand is safe' like a mantra. Maybe we are. I really want to believe her.

But here's the thing. She had to shout to be heard above the press. And that look in her eyes.

I've never seen her scared before.

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Lee said...

I think maybe you've discovered an affiliate program to help promote that movie.

Come man, Zombies!?!