16 Jun 2007

Cats. Also bags.

I suppose since The Slush God has released the table of contents, I can finally release one of my cats from my bag. Of cats.

My story "Hard Times for Bartleby Crow" will be included in Shimmer's upcoming pirate issue. It's a tale of a pirate, a mouse and... well, basically a pirate and a mouse. All I know of the other stories are the titles, but what titles! I can't wait to read the rest of them.

If, like many people you are thinking: "Hm. My (nothern hemisphere) summer has been OK, but it's really been lacking in the pirate department" Then get thee to the Shimmer website afore ye perish. Avast!


Richard Crawford said...

Congratulations! Shimmer's a good 'zine; I've collected many a friendly rejection from them.

Grant said...

I like friendly rejections. If I get a friendly one it's highly likely I'll submit to that market again.

I used to think all the rejections were friendly, until I received an unfriendly one.

Friendly: 'Thanks, but no.'

Unfriendly: 'This is a form letter, but we probably rejected the story because...'