24 May 2007

Saving(TM) the world(TM)

This today on BoingBoing about the agreement you must sign if you want to register as one of the Friends of Live Earth. A quick preview:

# The term “Live Earth” is not available for your use as part of your program identity or title. It can be used in descriptions of the event itself (example: Come see the Live Earth concerts, broadcast on big screens in Hyde Park).
# All events using this info should have their own title and identity, clearly separate and independent from Live Earth (example: Save the Planet Toronto). You cannot use the term “Friends of Live Earth” in your program title or lead messaging.
# No one from your organizing team can claim to speak on behalf of Live Earth, act as a representative of Live Earth, or represent your event as a Live Earth event.

Funny thing is, just yesterday I was reading 'Tis the season from China MiƩville's excellent short story collection Looking for Jake. 'Tis the season is laugh-out-loud funny - just ask Liz. It's so good that I started reading it to her. It's about a future where Christmas has been commercialised to the point where it's actually illegal to put presents under trees, unless you have the appropriate license. It was originally published in the Socialist Review, and they still have it available online, here.

So here's what I propose: go and read the Live Earth license. Then read MiƩville's story. Come back here and tell me which one is funnier.

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