10 May 2007

Google love again

Today I exported my RSS feeds from Sharpreader (all 104) into an OPML file. Logged into Google Reader and imported them. Problems=0. Now my unread feeds are sitting in the middle of my iGoogle page and one more piece of my life is moved into a single web page.

Also, I created a new notebook for something I was doing for the day job and shared it so my colleagues could 1: see what I was doing and 2: jump in and make suggestions or corrections while I was doing it. I'm sure Sharepoint can do this too, but I've never managed to figure it out.

It's not all beer and skittles: I was reminded this evening that Google docs isn't supported on Safari - yet. Well, some reports say it can be made to work, but I'm not messing around with user agents. But it seems like every day this week my iGoogle experience has gotten better.

I realise this blog has gotten far to technical of late. By way of apology, LOLTrek

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