4 Apr 2007

Keep on rocking in the free world. Emphasis on free.

I've been holding off writing anything about the news that EMI will offer higher-quality, non-DRM tracks through the iTunes music store. Partially because, with the news arriving on April 1, I wasn't sure it was for real.

But yeah. This is great news, even with the price hike for the unprotected tracks. It's weird that, despite my excitement when the NZ iTunes store opened, I still haven't bought a single track. The catalogue was pretty sparsely populated in the first few weeks, so I started looking around for other options, found emusic and that was that. I'm still an emusic subscriber and still loving it. But I can definitely see myself buying the odd EMI track from iTunes now. Well done, Steve.

And in other good audio news, I learned today that Escape Pod will be starting a new podcast dedicated to fantasy. Between the new one, Escape Pod and the scary Pseudopod, that's a guaranteed three good stories every week. Listened to a particularly good Pseudopod on the way home from work this evening. Seller's Market, by Joel Arnold. Very well written, and read.

Been a good week for ears.

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