28 Mar 2007

This blog entry goes to eleven

Don't get me wrong. Radio Clash is always good listening. But every now and then a show comes along that's extra special. And not in Dobly. Ladies and gentlemen: are you ready for Radio Clash 112: Ghey METAL Show #2 - LIVE!

In truth, my tastes have changed somewhat from the days when I'd think nothing of blasting Ozzy Osbourne on my walkman. Just this morning I was listenining to my latest emusic.com download, Rickie Lee Jones' Sermon on Exposition Boulevard. Awesome it is. Very metal, it is not.

So come on: give in to your inner mettler. I know you've got one, sitting in a dark corner of your memory, chewing its thumbnail through a hole in its black jersey. Or sweater. Whatever. Come out and play, little inner mettler. Your parents won't be home till ten and you know where they keep the wine coolers.

Since we're throwing goats, I put a question to Steve Scott, Discorobot's roving metal reporter. Steve plays bass loud enough to kill mammoths in Power Quest. You can see his latest tour photos here. So he should know from metal. Also, I know he watches Eurovision because, let's face it, everyone who can, does. Unfortunately, there's no coverage down here in the antipodes, so I was only vaguely aware of the Idol style show to pick who was going to represent the UK.

Q: For those of us who didn't get to see it, how come Justin Hawkins didn't win the Eurovision spot? How in the name of Saint (Freddy) Mercury do you have any hope of winning now? And what was up with Wogan?

Steve 'truckin' Scott rocking teh LNDN replied:

check this out on Justin: Justin Hawkins is sore loser

There you go. Succinct, but complete. OK, Steve didn't tell us what was up with Wogan, but to be fair, does anyone ever know what's up with Wogan?

That's enough metal for now. Thank you Milton Keynes! Goodnight! \m/

Update: This review of Rock Star Supernova appeared in the unsinkable Howick and Pakuranga times the other day. You know, I think they've summed it up perfectly.

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