26 Jun 2006

Great television from the mirror universe

At the moment Emily is watching a lot of of Muppet Show episodes. This is cool for a number of reasons. My first TV-related memory is watching the first episode on my parent's first television. We wanted to record it, but this was before video, so my brothers and I held microphones up to the TV. It's also pretty funny that Emily will be the only person in her kindergarten to know who Peter Ustinov is.

Great as the muppet show is though, I started to wonder how much better it could have been, if the guests were slightly different. Wouldn't you love to see the episode where John and Yoko were the guests? What about President Nixon, singing to a muppet dog called Checkers? And what about having Norman Mailer, in sketches based on his most recent book, The Executioner's Song. You know, the one about the execution of Gary Gilmore. Of course, in the muppet version there would be far more monsters and explosions.

And while we're on the subject of Norman Mailer- he must have been the inspiration for George the Janitor.

See... twins!

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