31 Jan 2006

Is it a coincidence that he's called NAND || OR?

I'm very impressed by this article about the Green Party's technology spokesman, Nandor Tanczos. Nice that he's running Firefox on his parliamentary PC, but why is Parliamentary Service's computer support department opposed to it? Do they like having to clean up all the spyware from IE?

But it's Green policy to embrace open source. And they want to unbundle the local loop. He'll be running Linux on his laptop. Nice.

He's not perfect though. His favorite movie is The Matrix. People, I'm not going to keep saying this. The Matrix sucked, you know it sucked, stop trying to defend it. Go watch Bladerunner again and see what a real Cyberpunk movie looks like. Anyway, Cyberpunk is so 1994. Not even William Gibson is writing it now. We've all got to move on.

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nerdjason said...

I liked the matrix. Yes bladerunner came around beforehand and is more classic. The matrix unfortunately got ruined by its popularity. Have you seen the animatrix? All the stories and animation rre amazing. I like the whole concept around the matrix world. Although using humans as a power source is lame. Why didnt they just use nuclear?