11 Nov 2005

The man vs. the pretty sounds (or: return of the revenge of country rock in service of the man)

So this Sony thing just keeps getting bigger. And here I find two blog subjects colliding. I wrote that I was going to get the new Kate Bush CD this weekend. Still planning on that, but the new album is out on Sony. You remember Sony. So what am I going to do, especially now the first viruses exploiting Sony's rootkit are appearing?

The first thing I need to do is determine if this CD is infected. I've sent an email to the excellent chaps at Marbecks to see if they know. If they don't get back to me, I guess I'll wander in to a CD store and just take a look. There's a good article here about How to recognise CDs infected with the Sony rootkit. If it's not infected, I'll just go ahead and buy it. But if it is infected, what do I do? There's no way I'm buying a CD that could cripple my PC. Sure, I could try and make sure I only use it on the iMac, but buying any infected CD sends a sign to Sony that it's OK to do this.

So we'll see once I get the skinny on wether this CD is infected. In the meantime, here's some more reading for ya.

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