13 Nov 2005

Bored of the man

So Sony is Suspending prododuction of the rootkit-infected CDs. Meh. Was it because of the Smackdown by the Department of Homeland Security?

Fact is, I'm bored of the whole thing. I was so angry on Friday, thinking that I wouldn't be able to buy the new Kate Bush CD - Amazon lists it as being released by Sony. But down here in New Zealand, it's on EMI. I'm listening to it now, and it's brillant. When I got the CD home, I treated it like a hostile thing. Made sure to load it on the Mac first, and take a good look for any nasty rootkits, even though it's on EMI. Sony have managed a huge own goal here. It's now safer, from a technical point of view, to download a CD illegally than it is to buy one in a store. Winners. Wonder what the other record companies think of that?

If the man keeps acting like that, you know he not going to be the man very long.

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