27 Sept 2005

Every time

I'm surprised that anyone besides me reads this blog. Just so you know, when I created it I didn't think "W00T! Now I'll be the next Wil Wheaton"*. In fact, I'm still not sure why I started writing this, even though I seem to be updating it fairly often.

In any case, if you are reading this, then thank you. You rock.

Even more surprising are people who add comments to the blog. And not surprising in the 'I've been walking around with half my breakfast still stuck to my tie' way either - more like the 'It's a week after Christmas and I've just found a present with my name on and, wait, what's this? It's a puppy!" kind of way**. Any time someone leaves a comment it puts a big silly grin on my face.


There is one overarching rule in the universe. It's probably written in the smallest nano-molecules of everything. If you had a small enough microscope you could see it. And that rule is:

Every time you try to have fun, the man brings you down.

Now, I'm not going to get into the deep philosophical questions of who the man is, and why he wants to bring you down. But today, he brought me down. Because I've started getting comment spam. So I see I've got a comment, which gives me that happy feeling, but then when I look, it's just the same old spam. So the happy feeling is gone, like that puppy under the Christmas tree was really a gremlin and he just puked on my new shirt.

There is a way to slow down the spam. And it's real easy - just flip the handy dandy option in blogger to enable word verification. But this is a hassle if you want to add a legitimate comment.

So I'm sorry if this makes things slightly harder, friend commenter. But I can't be having a spam-infested blog. It just won't be any fun. And thanks for the comments. Keep 'em coming. You so rock.

* Disclaimer: I don't think I've ever had a thought that started with W00T.
** Disclaimer 2: Don't give puppies as gifts. A friend is for life, not just for Christmas. And if that puppy's been sitting under the tree for a week... Actually, just forget I said anything.

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