23 Aug 2005

Reasons to love New Zealand. #342: No Kowtow to Bill bill

All the media retrospectives on David Lange's life, along with the 20th anniversary of the Rainbow Warrior bombing, have meant I've been thinking about the coolness of being a Kiwi. The anti-nuclear legislation is a good example of us standing up to a far larger country and saying "No".

Of course, some companies are a lot larger than countries now. And Microsoft is definitely doing something about spam. So why don't they like the New Zealand government's anti-spam bill? Could it be they're planning to send you some unsolicited emails about why you should upgrade to Vista? Cause they don't need to do that. There are plenty of good reasons to upgrade.

I'm sorry. I really didn't intend for this post to go all Aardvark-like. I'll try better next time.

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