2 Aug 2005

Not Vicious

It's a bit of a larf this Internet, innit? Thousands of interesting sites. And that's what your favorites are for. See something interesting but you don't want to read it now, just add it to your favorites. Except - what happens when your computer shuffles off its mortal, or you switch to a Mac, or you want to show somebody an interesting site but you're nowhere near your own computer.

What you want is a website where you can store all your links. What you want is del.icio.us.

Which is exactly that. You install a couple of links on your Firefox toolbar. There's probably the same thing for Internet Explorer, but you're not still using that are you? Then, when you see a site you want to remember, click the "remember this" toolbar link. You can add notes about the site, and add it to one or more categories - an example of the tags meme that's floating around at the moment - and you're done. What's really nice about del.icio.us is the social networking aspect. Once you've linked to a page, you can see a list of all the other del.icio.us users who have also linked to it. And your links are public - mine are here. It's all a bit meta- instead of browsing sites you end up browsing links to other people's links- but it works pretty well. I don't know if the del.icio.us site is particularly user friendly, but it was built by geeks for geeks. We don't need the easy to use. Makes us feel like big men. Don't let that throw you though. Jump on to the site, register, and you're done. You'll like it.

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