5 Aug 2005

I know it's only slashdot...

But sometimes you find absolute gems.

Try this post, found in the article No DRM for Apple in Intel-based Macs by clifyt

"I always wanted to run a BBS as a kid, but could never afford a phone line."

Should have done like I did. I ran a C64 BBS out of my parents garage. They put strict rules on the modem, so I ended up grabbing a 50ft. cord and running it to the back of my next door neighbor's silverbox (or whatever it was we called it back then...the outside phone junction). She was old and slept most of the time and was not supposed to get calls after 5PM anyways (she'd leave the phone off the hook), so from 9PM until I got up to go to school, the BBS was running. And with strict rules as to when it was up and when it wasn't...back then all the BBS lists had hours of operations listed.

That didn't stop the idiots from calling her up during the day though -- just to see -- and she kept harassing my parents about knowing the aliens were trying to get her because she heard them sneak around at night -- never stealing anything -- and they called her during the day with their wierd chatter :-)

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clifyt said...

Cripes! Who'd have thunk a throw away comment about my mostly forgotten youth would get blogged!