25 Jul 2005

Barbeque flavour is a filthy lie!

It's everywhere - go check out the crisps in your local supermarket. Now look at the crackers. And the non-wheat, non-dairy super good for you health snacks. Every range has a barbequeue flavour. But hang on - what does barbequeue actually taste like? Have you ever eaten anything cooked on a barbequeue that tasted like these things?

I have no problem with the quality of crisp flavours in general - especially now that the crisp has been perfected in the truly exceptional ETA Honey Soy Chicken. I just want to know what barbequeue flavour actually *IS*.

I'll tell you what it is - it's a giant conspiracy to make you eat non-existent crisp flavours. I'm sure this one goes all the way to the top. Please let me know if you have any information about this. When did barbeque crisps start appearing? Did the prime minister know?

And most importantly - do NOT eat barbequeue flavoured anything, unless you just cooked it on a barbequeue. Otherwise you're giving the flavour manufacturers carte blanche to sell you anything. It's barbequeue now, but next year it could be poison monkey with chocolate car parts. Fight the power.


Greg Amer said...


Greg Amer said...

When does anything ever taste like the flavour its supposed to be. Banana, Strawberry and Lime it's trying to get us ready for space travelly so we can eat replicated mush in the shape of a fruit that tastes like something vaguely familar